Best Super Foods for Healthy Weight Loss

Below are some of the very best foods when it comes to having a healthy weight loss program. Many times when a person goes on a weight loss program they cut back on food and the food they eat isn't always a healthy choice. Just knowing what is healthy will help the average person. When I (the author of this website) have gone on a diet often I did not eat healthy. I admit I ate junk food in many cases. Now that I know eating foods below are healthy choices I will probably give them a go. You may want to read on, and you to may end up like me,,, giving these healthy foods a chance in your diet. Try healthy snacks in place of a full meal when you do get hungry.

Quinoa - Super Food With High Fiber

This is a good super food because it is high in fiber, protein, iron and magnesium. Instead of eating a big breakfast of bacon, pancakes and pork sausage you can eat a big bowl of quinoa with fat free milk, honey and berries, which are also good super foods. Some people eat quinoa as a side dish with their meats in place of white rice and pasta. Others make quinoa bars to bring with them to work for a snack.

Salmon - Super Food With Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Salmon is high in omega 3 fatty acids and this is what makes it a great super food for healthy weight loss. Fix oven baked salmon with some preserved lemons and a green vegetable such as spinach, kale or green beans. You can also grill a few pieces of salmon and prepare a pineapple jalapeno salsa with diced cilantro and tomatoes.


Nuts are high in antioxidants and fiber, and they fill you up well so that you can curb your appetite for a few hours in a healthy way. Walnuts and almonds in particular are excellent nuts that serve as super-foods for healthy weight loss. Make homemade trail mix with nuts, dried fruits and carob pieces as a road trip snack instead of eating boxed cookies and chips. Nuts are a quick on the go healthy snack.


Beans are inexpensive to purchase and easy to cook but this is not the main reason for eating beans. Beans contain a lot of fiber and protein and they reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Beans also have omega 3 fatty acids and they make for a good appetite suppressant.


Berries are filled with phytonutrients and antioxidants and many of these nutrients assist with achieving weight loss and cancer prevention. Since berries retain water, they're a good choice for those who need more water in their diet but who don't like to drink water. You can take a few berries and make a smoothie out of them.


Spinach is high in omega 3 fatty acids and the body must have omega 3 fatty acids in order to build more muscle mass, which is good for weight loss. Spinach is also good for boosting your metabolism and it helps you during workouts so that you can burn calories effectively. Before you exercise, drink a spinach smoothie or eat a small portioned spinach salad to burn energy better.


Bison has less fat than pork and beef according to some medical researchers and this is why it is considered a super food for weight loss. Bison is also high in iron and those struggling with anemia would benefit from this meat for this reason.


Papaya is delicious and pairs well with savory dishes, but it is also a super-food for healthy weight loss because it is high in potassium. When you eat papaya you reduce the effects of too much sodium in the body that leads to high blood pressure.


In a time when we're eating all of the wrong foods, it's good to know that there are super-foods available to assist us in losing weight that are heart healthy. It doesn't have to be expensive because most supermarkets offer discounts on the super-foods and you can buy them bulk during weekly sales so you'll always have some on hand. For example, instead of buying the expensive fresh salmon you can buy salmon in a can. This is just one example but there are many more you can find in the Guide Weight Loss site. Super-foods will help you have a healthy weight loss process.