Ganoderma Mushrooms Used In Chinese Medicine

Ganoderma mushrooms are used in Chinese medicine and there are several health benefits to them. Ganoderma mushrooms can be taken as an extract or in the form of supplements and here are details on ganoderma mushroom benefits. Ganoderma mushrooms are beneficial in curbing aging signs and this is because they contain polysaccharides that stop abnormal blood vessels from developing. Ganoderma mushrooms also have triterpenes that protect your liver and reduce high cholesterol levels. It is also important to know that ganoderma mushrooms also build a stronger immune system for those whose immune systems were ravaged by cancer or AIDS.


Side Effects

Some people who use ganoderma supplements or extract experience some minor side effects and they include a slight increase in blood pressure, acne, dry mouth or throat, dizziness, upset stomach and nausea. Those who are subject to low blood sugar should not take ganoderma because this medicine can drastically lower your blood sugar levels. If you have a history of blood clots, you shouldn't take the ganoderma because it thins out the blood. Pregnant women or those with serious illnesses should consult the doctor before taking ganoderma.



Ganoderma has amazing health benefits and it is becoming one of the most popular herbs in holistic medicine. Ganoderma is also a stress reliever and ganoderma tea is great for use as an alternative to coffee if you're cutting back on caffeine consumption. You can buy ganoderma extract or supplements at health food stores or online, and when using ganoderma you need to follow dosage instructions carefully to prevent a bad reaction. If you struggle with mild insomnia ganoderma can reduce it and help you get a good night's sleep and it can reduce chances of developing heart disease. Finally, ganoderma has the ability to detoxify the body so you will have clearer skin and that you'll look younger.