How to Choose the Best Diet for Weight Loss

Just Google the term "best diet for weight loss" and on the same page itself you can find contradicting information. If the first link you open says a low fat diet is the way to go, the second and third maybe supporting a low carb approach while other few pages insist on sticking with the maximum calories per day rule and eating anything you want. In the sophisticated world of ours, it's not easy to find the right answer for the question, ’What is the best diet for weight loss?’ Everything from carbohydrates and fats are supported by fitness trainers and the amazing thing is that every one of them seems to have a great physique.

Diet for Weight Loss Is Not Just About Food

Supplement makers are often accused for promoting fad diets and to some extent, this is very true. While there are many legitimate supplement manufacturers, there are an equal number of bogus ones too, the ones that wants to rip you off as much as possible. A common tactic used by the supplement manufacturers is promoting their products by projecting the natural ingredients in it. Some of these natural ingredients are proven to be effective in controlling weight gain or actually reduce fat but they are pretty expensive and no manufacturers can use them in the said amounts in their weight-loss products. What they generally do is adding a negligible portion of it to include them in the list of ingredients and promote the product with its name.

If this is the story of supplement manufacturers there are other companies that have even shrewder instincts. Diet programs that completely restrict certain macronutrients leave its followers longing for something to fill this gap, a perfect place to introduce a shake or bar with their diet program’s label on it.

Meat Vs Plants – How Innocence Can Turn Into An Evil Spirit?

The supporters of both meat and plant based diets have their own reasons to follow their lifestyle and this is often regarded as a harmless propaganda. However, it's not uncommon for organizations to go beyond their ethical limits to promote their beliefs, something that usually found with vegan and vegetarian food supporters. Many blame that farming organizations in the US are behind promoting meat as an essential food ingredient for healthy living but the same people do not look at vegetarianism with the same skepticism.

It is not always necessary that these organizations have ulterior intentions in promoting their ideology but there's so absorbed with their lifestyle that after one point of time, it is difficult for them to make unbiased observations.

What You Need To Do To Choose A Good Diet For Weight Loss?

The first thing you need to understand about choosing a good diet for weight loss is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. There are some people that actually respond better to allow carbohydrate diet because their body can process a higher amount of protein and fat than normal people, while the other group of people will find it difficult to achieve their fitness goals with a low carbohydrate diet. However, there is no proven claim that eliminating a key micronutrient from your food list can help you to reduce weight and stay healthy. You need to understand that losing weight and staying healthy are two different things. Never use your bodyweight to measure your health.

The first step in losing weight is to consult a nutritionist and figure out the amount of calories you should consume in a day. Dieticians can also help you to create meal plans with the proper amount of each macronutrient. However, do not completely rely on your dietician for a meal plan but research on the internet and take expert opinions too. There is no way to tell that your nutritionist is 100% updated and is not influenced by the mainstream food mafia either intentionally or unintentionally.

You should also understand that a good diet for weight loss is not a fad diet because fad diet is not a healthy way of losing fat. You are forcing your body to starve and use up all of its fat reserves, which leads your body to believe that you are going through a famine to which your body responds with slow metabolism. Once you achieve your desired weight and start slowly adding up foods to your meals, you will start gaining all those pounds you lose, thanks to the slow metabolism your body adapted.

A healthy caveman diet balances the fat loss process and metabolism and your transition is more natural. This is why the followers of a good diet for weight loss not only lose weight but they can maintain their body the same way in years to come.

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