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Bad Effects of Sugar

Most people love their sweets and while there is nothing wrong with consuming sugary foods in moderation, it becomes a problem when you eat too much sugar on a daily basis. Did you know that sugar contributes to premature aging? Some health experts say that a process called glycation takes place in the body when someone eats too much sugar and as a result the sugar attacks the collagen in your skin's cells, leading to fine lines and wrinkles.

Why You Should Say Goodbye to Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are loaded with sugar and it is commonly consumed as a refreshing beverage instead of water, which is healthier. When you drink so many sodas, you gain weight not only in the abdominal area but also near the liver and skeletal sections of the body. Soft drinks raise the glucose levels in your bloodstream drastically and this puts you at risk of developing diabetes. If this is not bad enough, the caramel artificial coloring found in most soft drinks contain cancer-causing ingredients that were also found to cause cancer in animals. Finally, drinking too much soda causes long term dental issues which include cavities and gum disease.

Relation Between Sugar and Brain Function

A study from the UCLA suggests that excess sugar consumption could hurt your learning abilities and brain function overall. In the study researchers said that this consumption led to a decrease in cognitive skilla and too much sugar may also cause insulin resistance in the body, a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. So if you want your brain to function better, you should cut back on the amount of sugar you eat each day. Visit the Trim Up 60 Day Plan for more information about weight loss and eating healthy foods.

Tips on Cutting Your Sugar Intake

Replace your sugar intake with fruits since they have natural sweetness and they contain the necessary vitamins and minerals for better health. Drink more water and flavor it with fresh lemon juice to get yourself used to not having so much sugar in your diet. If you like to bake desserts, bake with Stevia or raw honey instead of sugar. Another thing you can do is make fruit smoothies with fat-free and sugar free yogurt.

Conclusion - Sugar is addictive but when it poses health risks, it is time to cut back on your consumption of it so that your health will not suffer. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and dental problems are all common problems with sugar consumption and you can talk with your doctor about developing a nutrition plan that will work for you long term. Take the  program and adapt it to your lifestyle and start eating healthy foods for life.

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